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Wunderschöne Insel Mantigue
Mantigue Island obviously mesmerized me the moment I get-off the boat and saw her beautiful and perfect coastline of powdery-white coral sands. The island is beyond its beauty.  Yes, she’s a beautiful [forever virgin] lady!
The crystal clear waters of Mantigue will amaze your senses – with corals and fishes easy to view even from a boat. You don’t even have to step into the island or swim its waters to enjoy the tropical sights. Of course, in doing so, you’ll defeat the purpose of your trip to the island. So, you’d better get your snorkeling and swimming gear ready – an underwater camera would be a huge plus in these areas, I tell you.
A wide variety of fish species thrive in the crystal clear waters surrounding Mantigue Island. Vibrant colors greet your eyes as you snorkel in the peaceful waters. Be careful not to step on the corals or, worse, on the spiky spines of sea urchins. Ouch! There’s plenty of that at Mantigue, so, be extra careful.
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